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Mechanic Wrench

Your relationship with your vehicle is something we share because I want to help you in all areas of maintenance and major repair during the hard times. 

Meet Clear Choice Automotive's Team

Allen Vasquez, Owner


As a pup growing up, things were shady and rough. Without much direction or veering from given direction life became fuzzy, but one thing was clear, I loved cars! Many recollections of times in cars street racing as a teen. Pulling apart cars for fun were had in my late teens til early 20’s, it was a blur, but without a healthy income not much could be bought so the dream had to be found. Knowing what I know now I have been able to realize my love for cars and people are very closely related and I look at the ability to repair and modify cars to be something that allows the customer,  their vehicle and our shop to become a long story of good times. 

My relationship with everyone I meet is special. Individually, everyone matters to me and each person has had some impact in my life, so now I want Our shop to have that same impact to the many others I will have the pleasure of meeting soon. 


I am a Husband to a very Responsible and strong hearted woman and now, Co-Owner, Daniela Vasquez (Office Manager). We have four wonderful kids that are raised knowing God's principles and soon will have part in this once in a lifetime opportunity to serve others and help with putting God’s Will first and having a deep impact on the world around us by means of being a part of a community driven family business. 


What I also love:

  • My Dogs. 3 to be exact. Come by to learn their names!

  • Beer! “Mmm Beer” (guess the Quote and you can get me a six pack) win win

  • Stupid but classic movies (Robin hood men in tights, dumb and dumber, goonies,etc) I’m a 80’s baby

  • Denver Broncos, gotta root for the home team!

  • Did I say my kids…… cant forget to mention them! Lol

Daniela Vasquez, Office Manager


I am the 2nd to oldest in a group of 4 siblings. From a young age I was obligated to care for my sisters, and when that happens at the age of 10-11, you tend to learn responsibility rather quickly. To this day I remain to be the backbone of financial organization and responsibility in my entire family! I have learned over the many years to be ahead of the game by staying 2 steps ahead. Being faithful to our God  Jehovah allows our family to have peace of mind and a positive outlook on life in these troublesome times we are going through now. 

    Although I became a mother at an early age I couldn’t imagine parenthood happening any other way. My kids give me reasons to push and to work hard….. and my husband gives me things to run away from! Jk.

     I met my husband (Allen Vasquez, Owner) at one of our first places of employment together in 2009, since we have learned how to be ourselves and to become a great team in raising our kids! Time has flown by since. We have worked in one other place together since then. We are eager to continue our teamwork like relationship in our new endeavor to provide excellent vehicle service to all in our neighborhood. I look forward to meeting everyone at some point in the near future. 


Things I love:

  • Exploring our wonderful mountains and all the creation in it. 

  • Dr. Pepper!

  • Pizza and wings, especially when served with Dr. pepper at B-Dubs!

  • EDM (electronic dance music) because even on off days it makes me feel good

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